Programme Overview

An exploration from the panoramic Albanian Alps, to Europe’s last wild river, and the coastal waters of the Mediterranean, to learn about:

  • Hydropower, conservation activism, biodiversity, habitats
  • Physical geography, urban change, organic farming, sustainable tourism
  • History and migration

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The Country

Untouched Mediterranean coastline, dramatic mountains, wild river valleys and lakes

Albania is a beautiful country, its people renowned for their generosity and hospitality. Around three quarters of Albania is made up of hills and mountains over 650ft, which includes the largely undiscovered Albanian Alps, and several wild rivers and freshwater lakes.

Albanian culture developed initially from the pagan, woodland-inhabiting Illyrians, through centuries of trade with the ancient Greeks and Romans, 500 years of Ottoman rule, to becoming a communist country after World War II. Contemporary Albania is an exciting place to visit, with so many historical influences mixing with its now strong leanings towards Western Europe. Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Albania is a unique country to learn about hydropower, conservation, migration issues and ancient/modern history. And there's plenty of fun, adventurous activities to enjoy too on the coast or in the mountains!

The experience in a nutshell

Sustainable tourism is just opening up in Albania, with many NGOs and UN agencies based in Tirana dedicated to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. It's the perfect place to learn about the complex relationships between hydropower, biodiversity and conservation along the wild rivers. There's even an opportunity to meet young Albanian activists to learn about the power of activism for conservation.

Sea kayaking along stunning Mediterranean coastlines, visiting beautiful world heritage sites reflecting the country's Byzantine and Roman past, staying on an organic farm, exploring an ancient karst limestone cave, and walking in the breathtaking valleys of the Albanian Alps - an action-packed programme in a fascinating country.

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