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10+ Ideas for Raising Funds during social distancing

The Global Action Programme is designed to develop your personal skills, such as confidence, budgeting, creativity, independence and entrepreneurship, and a big part of that is to raise funds for your trip. 

We understand this is a challenging time and so we have come up with some ideas to help you make the most of this enforced time at home and raise some funds in the process – think of it as an opportunity for creative headspace! Please share if you come up with some ingenious ideas of your own that are working for you.

A great time to sort through your bedroom, garage or loft and decide what items you no longer need. Take some photos and get them ready to pop up on ebay – be sure to get permission from the owner!

Take time to write to local Rotary Club, Lions Club or grant giving trusts about your upcoming trip. We can provide a template to support you with this. 

Depop, Vinted
Don’t forget to have a sort through your wardrobe, accessories and shoes, take photos and prepare to post them on apps such as Depop or Vinted.

Gaming/ Twitch
Set up a Fifa tournament and ask your friends to donate to enter and divide the money between your trip pot and a prize fund for the winner. Alternatively set up a Twitch account and challenge yourself on a game (hardest difficulty mode). Link it to your crowdfunding page so people can watch and donate online.

Go Fund Me
Set up a crowdfunding site like Go Fund Me where you can ask for donations towards your educational trip. You could host a quiz online for friends and family and ask each player to donate to enter, or create an online guitar tutorial and ask viewers to donate.

Now is an excellent time to get back into your favourite hobby or pick up a new one. You could create greetings cards, candles or artwork that you can sell online or at a future event.

Sponsored Events
Did you hear the man on Radio 1 who wanted to climb Everest (8848 metres) for Sports Relief but couldn’t get to the Himalayas last month, so instead he climbed a total of 52,047 stairs over 5 days. Could you design a similar challenge inside your home? How about 20,000 steps a day, a garden assault course, a Danceathon, Karaoke challenge, or Comedy hour?

Odd Jobs
Could you offer to do odd jobs around the house, such as cleaning windows, painting or gardening?

Become an entrepreneur and sell your own products or create your own app. One of our staff has used her free time to learn a new skill and has taught herself to knit. She is making headbands for friends and family!

Part Time Job
Update your CV and Linked In profiles so you are ready to start applying for part time jobs.

Raise money while doing online shopping with over 3,000 retailers (including ASOS, GAME and ebay) you could be collecting donations ranging from 1 – 10% of your spend.

  • Head to and register your details
  • Save the site as a ‘favourite’ and download the ‘donation reminder’, which prompts you to click through the easyfundraising site first to collect your donation
  • Share your link with friends and family and ask them to shop in support of you

Make a plan
Make time to plan activities that work best for you, speak with friends and family to see if they have any other suggestions.

Please do share your activities with us on social media

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