Think Deeper

Transformative Learning for Global Citizens

  • Poverty Reduction

    Participate in seminars with international NGO experts working in the field, take part in a community development project, and learn how sustainable livelihoods programmes improve lives by introducing alternative income streams into developing economies.

  • Environmental Issues

    Develop your knowledge and engage critically with international and local conservation NGOs, explore biodiverse environments through observational research, and learn how communities are engaging with permaculture, climate change reduction and endangered species conservation.

  • Social Justice

    Seminars with UN Human Rights agencies in Geneva, working on a clean water project in a refugee camp, meeting a gender rights activist, or exchanging ideas with school children in a secular ethics workshop – there are many ways you can explore social justice issues on a Global Action trip.

What is Global Learning?

Global Learning is education that puts cross-curricular learning in a global context.  We won’t be asking you to sit an exam on it, but we hope you will look at life differently after your trip (in a good way!).

It helps support:

  • understanding of global issues and power relationships
  • key topics across the Humanities and Science
  • optimism and action for a better world
  • critical and creative thinking
  • self-awareness and open-mindedness towards difference

Get with the programme

  • The Global Action Global Learning Programme is all about developing Global Citizens able to affect positive change
  • From world religions, philosophy and ethics in India, to poverty reduction in Nepal, biodiversity and conservation in Costa Rica, human rights and the UN in Geneva, or coral reef health and alternative livelihoods in Zanzibar – the possibilities are endless to enhance your subject through Global Learning.


  • It all starts at school, with a Global Action Destination Manager facilitating a Global Learning Workshop. Here the student team will start thinking about the meaning of development, and the interconnectedness of global issues based around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • If you’re raising funds for your trip, you’ll be honing your entrepreneurial and communication skills as a team, and an individual, over the next 12-18 months. Perhaps this is the first time in your life you’ve needed to create a savings plan to pay for something amazing!


  • Your trip will explore how the SDGs are being achieved on an international scale, and what still needs to be done. You’ll also get an idea of how the trip learning, and your own actions as global citizens, fit into the bigger world picture
  • You’ll develop your critical thinking skills through activities, NGO visits, and reflective discussions. A Final Review ties up your learning and experiences in-country with what you learned previously at the Global Learning Workshop
  • Exposure to new experiences on the trip will help develop other soft skills that will come in handy not just at school, but also at college, University and in the work place. Skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, resilience, determination and grit.

Coming home

  • The aim of all this? For you to come home not just with some great memories and photos, but also with the knowledge, skills and values to embrace life as a Global Citizen.  All this from going on a mind-blowing trip to an amazing country with your friends
  • The learning outcomes illustrated below will give you an idea of the opportunities to learn both across and beyond the curriculum on a Global Action Programme.  Push your boundaries – you never know where it might take you!

Global Learning Outcomes

Venn Diagram

Global Learning Matters

“We must foster global citizenship. Education is about more than literacy and numeracy. It is also about citizenry. Education must fully assume its essential role in helping people to forge more just, peaceful and tolerant societies.”

Ban Ki-moon, Former United Nations Secretary-General

Don't just take our word for it!

  • I learnt about the sustainable development goals, and I was inspired to look into them more to see what I can do to make a difference.

    Student – Westonbirt School


  • We have had our son home for a week now. It is wonderful to see him so animated and so very thrilled with the entirety of his trip. I am so incredibly grateful that he has had this marvellous experience, thanks to you and your Global Action Team. Thank you to everyone for the most brilliant, successful trip.

    Parent – Kingswood School


  • It was a life changing experience. By witnessing the effect of international problems first hand, I was able to get out of my bubble in England.

    Student – Ashmole Academy


  • My son had the most incredible adventure.  The things you managed to pack into 3 weeks were wonderful.  It was a joy to watch him and the others go through the whole process.  So increedibly proud of them all, and Global Action gave them the opportunity.



  • Absolutely amazing. I think it has been genuinely life changing. Really made me want to make a difference.

    Student – Malmesbury School


  • Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with your team who joined us on Friday last week. They are all superb ambassadors for your company and clearly want to make this a student-centred, fabulous experience. They also have boundless energy – something much appreciated by our own young people.

    Deputy Head – Westonbirt School


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