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Lockdown 3 – #myglobalaction at home

Lockdown 3 – #myglobalaction at home featured image

Welcome to 2021! Not quite the January we were all hoping for.  But, while we’re all ‘stuck’ at home, there are still some things we can do to help us stay positive and connected as active local-global citizens.

Here are 5 things we can all do from home during lockdown (and none of them need a laptop!)

  1. Plant something – I planted a tree recently which I ordered from a specialist tree nursery online, and it felt like a really future-positive thing to do. Garden centres are open at the moment, so whether it’s a tree, shrub, spring bulbs, or some herbs for the kitchen you bought at the supermarket – it’s something that will grow, improve your environment, and grow as we move into spring (and beyond…). And if you don’t feel comfortable going to the garden centre, many will deliver online orders to your door. #planttrees
  2. Go plogging – a fancy Swedish term for combining jogging/walking with litter picking. When you’re out for your daily exercise, regulations allowing, just take a bin bag and wear gloves. This is a really satisfying way of caring for your local community while getting that essential breath of fresh air. #plogging @ploggingGB
  3. Buy local – support your local pub and restaurants by getting a take-away. Also, it means you don’t have to cook!  #buylocal
  4. Phone a friend – or family member – especially if they’re on their own. Checking in every now and then can make a big difference to someone’s day, including your own. #checkin
  5. Commit a selfless act – whether it’s donating to the local food bank, volunteering with the Red Cross, shopping for a shielding or elderly neighbour, or giving a box of chocolates to the postman/lady – all these things can help us feel connected to our local community. Here at Global Action, we call this being a ‘local-global citizen’.  #community

Let us know how you get on, or perhaps you’ve already been doing something as a local-global citizen – we’d love to see your efforts on social – don’t forget the hashtag! #myglobalaction

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